Droner og robotter

12. december 2017 - KL. 11:14

I got a real eye opener by attending a long lecture on drones and robots in the wind turbine industry. Especially when Force technology presented a small robot that can run up and down the wings while doing an ultrasound scan, thus not only mapping visible cracks and strokes, but also deeper faults. Or when a professor from the University of Southern Denmark, who has worked so much with Drones that he speaks of them as living beings, says that the next generation of offshore wind turbines will have a Drone living.

The annual meeting at offshoreenergy.dk brought even more inspiration and knowledge on the subject. Imagine a ship equipped with robots that cleans the bottom continuously. Drones landing on the water, then turning into an underwater drone that can, for example, inspect a wind turbine foundation. Do not think that it is fantasy and that it does not happen in our time, no they are here already and in 5-10 years they take seriously.