12. December 2017 - KL. 11:14

I had a real eye opener when I participated at a long Key Note Speech about drones and robots in the Wind Mill Industry. Especially, when Force Technology presented a small robot that can drive up and down the wings as it makes an ultra sound scanning, where it not only maps visible cracks and marks, but also more serious errors. Or when a professor from the University of Southern Denmark, who has been working so much with drones that he talks about them as living creatures, says that the next generation of Offshore Wind Mills will have a robot residing.

The annual meeting at offshorenergy.dk gave more inspiration and knowledge to the topic. Imagine a ship equipped with robots that cleanses the bottom of the ship continuously. Drones that land on water and them transform into under water drones that can inspect a wind mill foundation. Don´t think it is fantasy and that it won´t happen in our time. They will be here in five to ten years.