16. December 2017 - KL. 11:23

A big and hot topic at the annual meeting of, was sharing economy, and how it may affect or change our way of cooperating. We need to imagine a world, where it is not important to own a particular piece of equipment, but in stead just to have access to it.

A good example is spare parts for the Norwegian oil sector. Today, every single concession owner have their own spare parts stock. This results in an annual waste of 30 billion Norwegian kroner because the spare parts are outdated and are scrapped without every having been used.

Another fun story about sharing economy is that in London a marked has emerged for the renting out of a seat at a dinner table. Flex workers on their way from one job to another will rent a place in a private home where they can sit and work for a few hours before the next meeting. Maybe it will take a while before we see this in Thyborøn, but the idea of sharing an employee or to project hire, has come to stay.