Thyborøn Invest

The investment company Thyborøn Invest A / S invests in commercial properties and companies.

Thyborøn Invest A / S has extensive experience in developing, constructing and operating commercial buildings. Buildings that are often located on a harbor area.

The commercial properties are designed based on the users’ dedicated needs for e.g. Operation & Maintenance activities for the offshore industry. The buildings are developed and built in close cooperation so that the unique needs that may be in the servicing of the individual offshore projects are met in the building and thereby ensure an optimized operation for all parties.

Thyborøn Invest A / S is, as the name suggests, based in Thyborøn, but invests widely in port areas throughout Denmark, in order to create the best framework for the individual offshore projects. Today, the current portfolio ranges from O&M Bygning in Klintholm harbor on Møn in the east, Central warehouse on the harbor in Esbjerg in the west and storage facilities in Thyborøn. In addition, Thyborøn Invest has invested in commercial properties in Lemvig and Aalborg. The experience gained from the development of the current portfolio is actively brought into play in new projects.