Malik Energy

Malik Energy A/S is specialized in the supply of marine gasoil and lubricating oil for the maritime industry.

We have oil terminals and bunker ships located in a number of Danish ports, including Thyborøn. We deliver by truck in all ports of Denmark. At Skaw roads we find M/T GAIA NORDIC, which primarily operates at the Skaw area.

The goal of Malik Energy A/S is to be the natural partner that ensures the optimal energy solution for our customers. We offer value to the maritime sector and others with a comprehensive energy need in terms of service, security of supply, know-how and tailor-made solutions.

At Malik Energy A/S, our focus is to deliver the best product. Our bunker traders closely monitor the market and they only sell top quality products to our clients.

Malik Energy A/S is highly committed to the reduction of CO2/GHG and therefore Malik Energy A/S has a close corporation with producers of the future fuel for the maritime sector. Already now Malik Energy A/S has CO2 reducing solutions ready for direct use.

We offer delivery of marine gas oil and all kinds of lubricating oil and in partnership with YARA, we also supply AUS40 (UREA 40%).

All types of products are delivered in accordance with the latest ISO standards.

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