Kaj Bech

Kaj Bech A / S has more than 75 years of experience in solving complex building and construction projects, both as a main and turnkey contractor.

We are a full-service construction company that employs approx. 195 employees in the following four departments:

  • – Construction
  • – Civil construction
  • – Road & road service
  • – Green service

 Within our construction department, we specialize in the following areas:

  • – Bridge
  • – Harbor
  • – Energy and energy infrastructure
  • – Water and wastewater
  • – Environment
  • – Industry
  • – Concrete solutions

Kaj Bech A / S operates its own casting site for the production of special concrete solutions.  

We also have a cutting and drilling section that has a long history of working with the turbine industry on different projects in Denmark and the UK.

We work with a long range of clients within the energy sector, among other things participating in the build-out of the offshore / onshore energy infrastructure for Energinet.

Kaj Bech A / S handles a variety of service agreements and facility management contracts for municipalities, companies, and housing associations, in the region.

Our workforce is highly skilled, agile, and has an average of 11 years of experience working at Kaj Bech A / S – making us one of the highest in the construction industry in Denmark.

The Working language at Kaj Bech A / S is Danish and English.