JD-Contractor A/S

JD-Contractor A/S have operated continuously as an independent contractor since 1972. Initially a Commercial Diving company, today we have evolved into a full scale Subsea Contractor.

JD-Contractor delivers innovative cost-effective solutions and turnkey project management for complex offshore projects and operations. We are widely recognized as an efficient and reliable offshore industry service provider.

Amongst various services, we supply:
• Installation and repair of Subsea Cables and Pipelines
• Subsea Construction, Maintenance & Repairs
• Subsea Salvage & Decommissioning
• Subsea Survey & Inspection
• Subsea UXO search
• Marine Archaeology
• Offshore Diving and ROV operations
• Vessel Charters

We relentlessly strive for customer focus and operational excellence, supported by a team of highly skilled and experienced people. With a fleet of multi-purpose vessels and specialised equipment, JD-Contractor’s employees, their expertise and commitment to excellence, are the driving force that enables us to deliver on our promises.

The Safe way or No way
JD-Contractor is committed to protect the health and safety of all people involved with our activities, thus achieving a safe and incident free workplace, with high standards for health, safety and the environment. Consequently, safety and quality has the utmost priority in our business.

Our core Values
• Reliable: We wish to appear with professional qualifications, a serious attitude, and stay true to what we say we will do.
• Flexible: We are open to new ways of seeing things and are prepared to act accordingly, so that we will get the best possible result.
• Value adding: We run an efficient company that focus on creating value for our customers. We take pride in meeting our clients’ needs without overcomplicating things – hence our motto in everyday life: “Keep it simple”