IBG (Ib G. Jensen A/S) was founded in Lemvig, Denmark, in 1974 as an out-and-out construction contracting company. Since then, the company has developed into a healthy, financially sound operation that handles commercial construction assignments as both a turn-key contractor and a principal contractor, while continuing to cultivate our core competence: constructi¬on work.

Our company consist of two main divisions: own production and commerci¬al construction.

The own production division works in three main areas:

• Construction
• Sewerage and
• Concrete contracts.

This division has approximately 60 employees who are specialists in concrete, pavement, excavation and sewerage assignments.

We have extensive expe¬rience with the establishment and expansion of wind farms and wind turbine test centres, including various types of pipe- and ductwork, as well as site development assignments.

In addition, the company has its own laboratory where we can perform a range of soil analyses, as well as a workshop where we carry out minor repairs and maintenance of the machine fleet and prepare various types of shuttering, signs and the like.

Safety has a key role to play at IBG
The OHAS organisation at IBG works tirelessly to improve the working environment at the company. The organisation maintains a broad perspective and is fully familiar with all the issues that can arise in all areas of the operation – from the construction site to back office facilities. All professional groups are represented in the organisation, which deals with such issues as may arise on an ongoing basis.

Quality assurance
Quality assurance is a focus area for building owners and for IBG, which uses a digital system called Ajour. IBG grants building owners access to this system, enabling them to follow the process at all times. This contributes to creating a truly transparent process for all parties involved and helps ensure that everything lives up to the desired quality.

Social responsibility
At IBG we see social responsibility as a natural part of our business. We often take in interns – at all levels of the company. We are happy to help people enter the labour market in a relationship distinguished by mutual respect.

Around ten percent of the employees at IBG are apprentices. IBG considers it important to contribute to training people in the industry, and ninety percent of the apprentices we train choose to stay at the company on completing their apprenticeship. We believe that the reason for this is that we give people responsibility along with the opportunity to develop, and that at IBG we talk respectfully to one another.

Sustainability and green mindset
In recent years, we’ve completed a number of LAR projects, as well as other projects involving the use of sustainable pro¬ducts such as green concrete, recycled plastic and the like. At our company, we likewise focus heavily on optimising fuel con¬sumption in our machine fleet, and we actually have an employee tasked with monitoring our machine operators and teaching them how to minimise fuel consumption when performing excavation tasks. Generally speaking, the company places great emphasis on work to improve opportunities for green solutions.