BMS Krangården

BMS A/S is an international, family owned crane company with roots and headquarters in Denmark.

We solve lifting assignments all over Europe, but with a special focus on Northern Europe especially on Scandinavia where BMS for decades has been the market leader in hiring out mobile cranes with highly skilled crews. BMS always operates with a maximum focus on safety, efficiency and reliability.

BMS hires out mobile cranes, truck cranes and truck mounted man lifts of any size and to any assignment from our net of offices around Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Poland. From here we also solve jobs in the rest of Europe. Furthermore, we hire out special equipment in all of Denmark – such as steel plates for temporary roads and equipment formachine relocation and skidding.

For the past five years, we have realized that our clients increasingly demand project managing, engineering and have even higher demands for safety. Therefore, an ever- growing part of our business include total solutions and project works related to lifting jobs and associated transport assignments. As the only Danish company in this business, we have established an engineering department that carries out the knowledge-intensive calculations that are needed. This is why BMS is able to carry out the most complicated heavy lift assignments that the European market demands and we also assist in both the offshore- and the windmill industries. BMS always aspires to have the newest and most efficient machinery, and in our organization we have very capable employees with various skills: Engineers, auto-cad designers, crane operators, supervisors and project supervisors within logistics, planning and project management.